Halloween 2011

We have had a full fall with lots of fun activities. The kids had their halloween parade/show and party. They dressed up and trick or treated through the offices at school.

 Then we went to the corn maze. Unfortunately, Daddy had to work and Nina and Papa were out of town. Uncle Trey and Aunt Whitney got to come and we had tons of fun. We did get lost in the corn maze and kind of made our own path to get out...none of us have ever been known for our directional skills =)

 Clay and I went to a party the Saturday before halloween and dressed as 80's rockers, pretty sure I already regret the costume and the pictures, but we did have a lot of fun.

 Having kids is super fun especially at holidays like Halloween =) Cole decided to be Jake from the Neverland pirates, Cooper wanted to be a cheetah (again), Jude was a monkey and Nina bought Bailey Kate the cutest Strawberry fairy costume. We have an AWESOME neighborhood to trick or treat in (I think all of St Augustine came to our neighborhood!). We went with some great friends from the neighborhood and another family from the kid's school and came back with SO much loot. We only got around one loop and the kids were tired and ready to come home and look through their stash. We are so blessed with sweet friends, fun kids, and an awesome place to live!