First Day of School

So this year the boys are in VPK at Presbyterian Day School. They went there last year 2 days a week and LOVED it. It has been such a blessing to find such a sweet little school. Sometimes I drive them to school through historic St Augustine and drop them off at one of the most beautiful churches around and amazed that we live in the midst of so much beauty and history. Anyway, we decided to put Bailey Kate in the 2 year old class on Tuesdays and Thursdays to give me a little time to get errands done without madness and chaos. As I said before, she is a bit of a challenge (Clay and I read a few weeks ago that Jonathon Edwards had a daughter that he called "Peppery" an accurate description of Bailey Kate =). We thought that since her brothers defer to her most of the time (they will make great husbands), school would be a great way to help Bailey Kate learn to be kind and share with other kids who will put up more of a fight. Last year she cried every day we dropped off the boys because she wanted to go to school too. We are also hoping that when I bring the boys home next year the time Bailey Kate is in school will give me some great "work" time with the boys. Well! The boys have done great! Their assistant teacher from last year is their head teacher this year so it has been a super smooth transition. On Bailey Kate's first day of school all the other kids were clinging to their moms, BK looked at me, waved and yelled "Bye Mom!" turned around and never looked back. I didn't know whether to be crushed or proud. When I went to pick her up she screamed and cried because she didn't want to leave school....I felt so loved! She obviously loved it and is so proud to have her own backpack and lunch box. Needless to say I have loved my alone time with Jude and am excited for the year to come.