Here we go...

So this is my feeble attempt at blogging. As a mom of four kids under four I realize life is speeding by and I want to remember all the cute and crazy things that are happening in my life. I've heard blogging is one of the best ways, we'll see =) A warning though...i promise their will be MANY grammatical errors. So here I go....

Before I do a little back tracking and chronicle Jude's birth here is a look at each one of my sweet kids.


Cole-4 years old-The boy has a ton of energy and even more to say! He is just like his daddy.

He just turned 4 and is enjoying his 25 days of being a different (and bigger) age than Cooper. He is so smart and quick witted. The other day we were playing a game and he told me, "Mom, I'm so clever." with his cute little Cole smirk. He can make the most annoying noises and enjoys bothering his siblings (a trait he inherited from me=) He is such a joy and brightens my day!


Cooper-3 years

old (until August 26) My sweet, kind and gentle boy. He wakes up every morning and one of his first questions is, "Mommy, how is Jude this morning?" Melts my heart every time! He is my "go to" when Jude needs his paci. He loves his little brother fiercely! He loves to sit next to Jude and care for him and make him smile. Cooper does have a flare for the dramatic. He gets an "ouchy" at least once a day and you will know because he has an ear piercing scream when he gets hurt. It's funny when we have guests over and Cooper gets hurt. They think Cooper must be dying, and yet Clay and I barely flinch...Oh Coop! He is such a joy to me and often I am amazed that God chose Cooper to be my little man.


Bailey Kate-2 years old- My spicy little thing. She challenges me every day with her will and temper and yet she can be so sweet and silly. She LOVES her babies and her paci. I know that I should break her of her habit, but I know she will just steal Jude's, so for now she can enjoy =) She loves her bubbas and can't wait to run in and wake them up in the morning. She thinks she is one of them...and I think she is just as tough as them. She holds her own being the only girl in this brood.


Jude-7 weeks old-

My sweet little surprise. When I found out I was pregnant with him I cried because I didn't know how I was going to do it...and then I cried because I knew one day I would have to tell him I cried (yes, their were raging hormones involved also =) Now I can't imagine my life without him and i'm so blessed to be his mommy! He is so sweet and patient already. He is by far my smiliest baby! He will smile at everything...but especially me! He loves to eat and likes to make sure mommy is close because he knows food is close. He is already sleeping 7-8 hours at night. He only cries if he needs to eat, have his pants changed or needs his paci (we call it the mute button) He brings me joy every day, and because this is my third go round at a little baby I'm savoring and soaking in every minute because it goes by WAY to fast.

Well, that's my little brood...