Funny Stories!

Ok, so a few funny stories.... 

I noticed recently that Bailey Kate called Jude "doobie"...why you ask! Well the boys call Jude "Judy" when they are trying to be silly or affectionate with Jude (much to Clay's surgrine). Well, Bailey Kate went from calling Jude "dude" to "Doob" which then turned to "Doobie" when she is trying to be silly or affectionate...hoping this nick name doesn't stick, although it is pretty funny.

Cole seems to have his first crush. Her name is Reagan (and I must say she is pretty cute). Cole's teacher told me last week that he hasn't been listening well and I should speak to him. As any mom I was embarrased and my pride was bruised. I obviously want my kids to be obedient and respectful and of course make me look like the perfect parent! (joking here =) Anyway, I told his teacher on Tuesday we had spoken to Cole and made an obedience chart to encourage him to obey in school. The teacher then informed me that the disobedience occurs when he is trying to show off for Reagan. She said it is more that he is ignoring her while putting on his show. You will be happy to know he has received a good report the last 2 days! This morning as we were asking Cole about Reagan and reminding him to obey and be attentive his lip started quivering as he told us she didn't like him anymore because she thought he messed up her puzzle (which he insists he didn't). Cooper then pipes in with, "but she likes me!!!" We assured him that she was still his friend and not to was the cutest, most pitiful thing I had ever seen. I don't think I'm ready for this!