Half Marathon Training!

So, even though I have said over and over I HATE running I have decided to run my first half marathon in April. I'll be honest, living in a beach town definitely makes me recognize the need for exercise and being healthy (lots of bathing suits!). Some of our good friends (and my husband) are avid runners and convinced me that it was the best, most effective way to get in shape. So, I started running! Saturday I ran 5 miles, my longest run yet! The run was a challenge! As I ran I thought about how my days with the kids are kind of like my long runs. They can be challenging, painful, dirty, very hard work, requires mental toughness, but when I'm done I feel such a sense of accomplishment. I'm so proud that I actually did it, that I made it through. Now that I have started this challenge I'm actually enjoying it, and I'm enjoying how God is gently reminding me of the "marathon" I'm running with my children every day. I'm so blessed to be a mom to these sweet children and I pray that I am able to run this race well. I love them with all of my being, and even though some days get long, some days I feel like I clean up the same mess 20 times, some days I feel like I might go crazy if I have to do another load of laundry, it is totally worth it and I would choose to spend my days with my sweet babies over anything else in the world! So keep me in your prayers...the long runs are getting longer, but I'm going to do it!!!!