Pantry Overhaul

So, the older I get and the more children I have the more I CRAVE order in my chaotic life. I feel like I am constantly organizing, decluttering and cleaning only to turn around and have it all over to do. So when I decided to re-organize my pantry I was excited because this is one area my children are not allowed (can't reach) to get into, therefore it has a better chance of staying organized.

I saw this idea on Pinterest, and though I don't have the time to make is as "pottery barn-esque" as the pinterest photos, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I also wanted to do it as economically as possible, so I started shopping! I found all the glass containers, buckets and baskets at Dollar General. They cost me 40.00 total. I had the ziploc tupperware containers from BJ's, but I'm thinking they cost me about 10.00. I "re-purposed the lazy susans, but i got those at Walmart when we moved in a year and half ago. My favorite part...I found these AMAZING labels at Micheals....they are chalkboard!!! (They cost 6.99) You stick them on the containers, use the pen (cost 8.99, but used a 40% off coupon so it was 5.oo) (but I'm sure it would work with regular chalk though) and label! It turned out really cute and when the food in the container changes I just wipe off the label and write what the food item is! The total cost was about 60.00. I keep walking by to admire it...sad, but true =)