A letter to my boys on their baptism day!



Today you are being baptized, proclaiming your inward change through an outward expression of your response to Your heavenly fathers call on your life. I am so proud of you. My firstborn son. What a mighty plan God has for your life. When we found out we were expecting baby number 5 you said, "wow, I'm going to be the oldest of 5 kids!" Though it was so cute, the weight of that statement hit me, and one day I hope you recognize the weight of it. You were chosen as the leader of this little clan. Your siblings look up to you, they follow you, they love you deeply. I pray that your tender heart continues to grow in love and compassion for your siblings and all those around you. I pray you become a mighty warrior for this kingdom you have chosen to join. I pray you would lead with a servant leadership that leaves a mark, even if it is painful. I don't pray for an easy pain free life for you (as much as I would want it), I pray for a full, meaningful, God-fearing, world changing life. As I watch you take this step with your brother, my heart is exploding....you have made me so proud, but more than me, your Father in heaven is so proud, not because of ANYTHING you have done, but because he has loved you before the foundations of the world and chosen you to be his child. I pray you do not stray, but walk mightily with him all your days. I love you my sweet boy. Love, mama




My miracle boy. What a picture you are of God's story of redemption. You were left by those who should have loved you and cared for you most. You were rejected. By nothing you did God plucked you from the mire, he saw you before you were even born and had a mighty vision for your little life. To this world, you looked broken; you looked weak, but your Heavenly Father saw a mighty warrior for his kingdom. He CHOSE you to be in our family just as he chose you to be in HIS family. NEVER be ashamed of your story. You are the perfect picture of every one of us; chosen, by nothing we have done, to serve our king. As you make this outward expression of this inward change stand firm in the calling God has on your life. You are so smart, you know you have a voice and are not afraid to use it, you love deeply and are fiercely loyal. The other day someone in the neighborhood was being bullied. You came in with tears in your eyes and told me what was happening and came to me for help to protect the "weak." Never lose this! Always fight for the weak, always have a compassionate heart for those in need and never turn away from someone in need. God has written your amazing story, I pray you never stray from Him, but walk with him always. Do not ever lean on your own understanding (because you are so smart you may try), but always lean on your Heavenly Father. I love you more than you will ever know, my sweet boy. Do not choose what is easy, but choose what God has called you to...no matter the consequence. I am so proud of you and can't wait to see the rest of God's plan for your amazing life. I love you to the moon and back!